Welcome to Geoquipment

Geoquipment AB was established in 2010 with the main purpose to develop a new Non Destructive tool for Rock Bolt Testing, RBT/ND.

The key issue when building in rock is to asses a safe environment. This is normally done by reinforcements of roofs and walls with rock bolts. Securing the quality of rock bolt grouting is essential and there are very few non- destructive tools available for this.

The RBT/ND is based on the principle of ultrasound waves and how they propagate and reflect along the bolt. The principle is well established and was previously used in the “Boltometer” which was developed over 30 years ago. RBT/ND uses the latest techniques of guided waves and user interfaces. The development of RBT/ND is made in close collaboration with Swedish and Norwegian authorities, mining companies and rock contractors.

Geoquipment is owned by Geosigma Holding AB. Testing and construction is made in close collaboration with Geosigma AB

Contact details

Geoquipment AB
Sankt Eriksgatan 13

113 43 Stockholm

Peter Andersson,
Chairman Geoquipment AB

tel +46 10 482 8815
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